River Tales | Flussgeschichten | 2017 | street art festival

Tavar Zawacki aka. Above

2017 – Tavar Zawacki

Tavar Zawacki aka. Above

River Tales: episode III (2017)
  • born in 1981
  • lives and works in Berlin, DE
  • influencer in Street Art movement in Paris (2001)

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Tavar Zawacki (1981), is a Californian born, Berlin-based contemporary artist. Under his street name “ABOVE”, he was one of the main pioneers and influencers in the development of the Street Art movement in Paris in 2001. His proliferation of his arrow icon trail-blazed the way for later generations of street artists using iconography, logos, and abstract artworks in the street. During the past 20 years Tavar has spread his artworks in over 100 cities and 50 countries around the world.