River Tales | Flussgeschichten | 2017 | street art festival

2018 – KERA1


River Tales:
  • born in 1985, works and lives in Berlin, DE
  • graphic design studies

follow the artist:

“Kera1”, who was born in Berlin in 1985, has been dealing with colors, printing techniques and mural designs for more than 18 years. In the process, Kera1 constantly found new impulses through his love for haptic and craftsmanship. Especially the connection between composing on the computer and transfering to the wall excites the graphic designer / artist. Therefore, the surfaces of the walls cannot be big enough.

His works reflect his years of studying graphic design and his passion for lines and surfaces as well as the years of dealing with spray cans, wall paint and brushes. His works, in which graphics and aesthetics play a major role, are spatial and abstract at the same time.