River Tales | Flussgeschichten | 2017 | street art festival

Biser | Alexander Becherer

2012 – Biser

Biser | Alexander Becherer

River Tales: episode I (2012)
  • lives and works in the black forest (Germany)

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The sculptor and painter Alexander Becherer has his roots in urban art, as well as influences of street art. Becherer works and lives in the countryside. Nevertheless, an important driving force is his powerful curiosity about everything urban and transitory. He is fascinated by the urban habitat in its constant change. The contrast to the reality gives him the necessary distance he needes for his creative work. Large wall productions, classic painting as well as creating and experimenting with sculptures and collages dominate his work. Playing with ambiguity, status, waste, loss of identity, abnormality, conscious and unconscious provocation and opposites is the centre of all his work. Nevertheless, the main theme of Becherer is the masquerade, a look behind the facade, which is often suggested on status symbols, clothing styles or exaggerations. Becherer's sculptures form complex layers to hybrids of humans and animals which symbolizes subtle humor and over-armament.